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Wanna become beautiful, confident and attractive Hijabist? The secrets are here.Watch this!

Vala Scarves produces and sells high quality hijabs. Vala is a certified Swarovski Ingredient Branding (IB) Partner. The scarves are beautiful and made from the finest quality Voile material from Japan with meticulous workmanship that has a neat finishing (jahitan sisi kemas) for long-lasting and comfortable wear. 

Vala use high-quality Voile material from Japan. A cotton-blended material with soft and light weight fabric. All of our hijabs are embellished with crystals and Vala offer lifetime warranty for all the crystals. You can bring your hijab to our boutique or post to VALA HQ, we will repair it for you.

Vala have various series of hijabs including Bawal Basic, Bawal Design, Luxe Design and Customise. 

Bawal Basic range usually have a simpler and similar design and mainly known as tabur. We have Crystal Clear 001, Crystal AB ( Aurora Borealis ), Crystal Shimmer and Crystal Colour as main ingredient for Bawal Basic.

Every purchase of Bawal Basic will be given cute soft box from Vala.

Meanwhile for Bawal Design, we start all design from scratch. Meaning, we draft our inspiration, create our own crystals arrangement, and then produce our own design. Bawal Design has wider range of crystals used such as Effects crystals and Shapes Crystals to make our design livelier.

Luxe Design livin' up to its name, we created it exclusive with very limited amount. The design usually more complex and usually involve more than one inspiration to create one hijab. A lot more crystals use to have diverse enchanting output.

Every purchase of Bawal Design and Luxe Design comes with hard box exclusively from Vala.

Alongside of hijabs, Vala create and produce Vala Brooch too. Our hot selling Gemini brooch always receive attention from Vala Girls. Launching from few type of crystals, now we have  more than 20 various type of crystals to be choose from!

Blooming for more loveable Vala Girls, we up come with new idea and start launching scrunchies.

The best part of our scrunchie is we are using Voile material and that makes it less slippery with better grip.

We proudly receive great feedbacks from Vala Girls saying our scrunchie have neat scrunch layer and superb rubber elastic band.

Every scrunchie comes with ribbon wooden box, a very nice packaging and suitable to give as a gift for your loved ones.

We keep striving for a better product and we always give our best.

We launch our first ever tote bag, handcrafted with sturdy Premium Canvas in Ivory tone. Strong material with water-resistant ability, it can carry heavy loads comfortably.

Black stripe on each side emphasises neat and sleek design, along with solid black and stable hand grip.

Practical to be used as a wrist or arm bag with printed Vala logo on both sides.

The best part is, it has 3 compartments inside. 1 main compartment with a magnet button and 2 easy-access compartments can fit water bottle or umbrella.

Kenal dulu Vala, baru best nak shopping! Review ikhlas dari Vala Girls yang dah jatuh cinta dengan Vala Scarves!



Every praise we received, every happiness we create, it always led us to develop more inspiring legacy. We are truly appreciate every comments and reviews from Vala Girls. As much as Vala Girls happy with our products and service, we are double happier and strive to serve better.

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