Vala Fairy Limited Set

Hello, I am the Happiness Fairy🧚‍♀️. I've sprinkled happy dust ✨ to almost every Vala fairies and make them smile ear-to-ear👂🏼. Today, I am bringing a piece of wonderful news📜, that is the birth of our Bawal Vala Fairy.

It comes with two pieces of scarves in one set. The greater news is that it also comes with a splendid limited Swarovski pouch.
To make it more special, I sprinkle✨ rose gold color for Vala stamping to create dreamy magical feelings💫. Not only that, but every purchase of Bawal Vala Fairy also entitles you to receive one mystery gift🎁.

Spread the news, and let's get magical with Vala📜 ✨.